The Tale of Three Brothers.

Yesterday I had another fabulous tattoo with the equally fabulous Lizi Gambell from Ritual Art Tattoo.

I have always been a massive Harry Potter fan, having grown up with the books and then later, the films. I love how the story isn’t just one of magic and fantasy but of family and love and overcoming adversity. I related to the protagonist of the story from early on, as I too had experienced a similar loss. 

There are many reasons I wanted this Deathly Hallows tattoo and the timing has it’s significance as well. 

One of the stories told in Harry Potter is the ‘Tale of Three Brothers’. It’s a story about siblings who meet Death but wish to evade him. Death awards the three brothers gifts of a powerful wand, a resurrection stone and an invisibility cloak and legend has it that anyone who possesses all three of these items will become the master of death. 

While I certainly don’t think of myself as the master of death, I am someone who has experienced their fair share of loss and coming to terms with it was something that meant a great deal to me which is why I wanted this symbol. 

Also, when I was 16 I wanted to have a Harry Potter themed birthday party but by this point, my mum was too ill to make it happen. This year, I’m turning 30 and I’m finally having the party I planned all those years ago and so I wanted this tattoo to coincide with the run-up to my milestone magical birthday. 

I wanted the Deathly Hallows tattoo with the Hogwarts house colours behind it.

Lizi has always been able to turn my tattoo visions into reality. With her use of bright and bold colours, her artistic flair and her ability to design exactly what speaks to me, I just knew she would create something special.

Going into Ritual Art is always an exciting and welcoming experience. Lizi and all of the other artists are clearly so passionate about their work and watching them do what they do best is a pleasure. 

I highly recommend Lizi for any body art you would like. She is fun, friendly and so knowledgeable and professional and I would never hesitate to visit her again. 

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